Latest Prenatal Care (Renowned Expert in Right Brain Education Shichida's Masterpiece,Popular In Japan and Taiwan)

Book Title: Parenting Books Collection

Author: (Japan) Shichida authoring, Chiang Pei translation

Publisher: East China Normal University Press

Published: 2010-8-1

Number of pages: 156

Word count: 83000

Content recommendation

Human life depends on the fetal environment, negative thinking of mother would harm the fetus, lecithin makes mother and fetus more healthy, imagination exercise during pregnancy makes children’s character more moderate, implying has a great influence on the formation of personality for unconscious infant age, prenatal training can develop super memory of child, night crying comes from unpleasant memories of fetal period, depict baby’s future figure ...... read "the latest prenatal care" to learn more about the basics of prenatal care.

About the Author

Shichida, Japan Shimane County, was born in 1929 in China, Liaoning large stone bridge. On April 22, 2009, died in a Tokyo hospital at the age of 81 years.

Ed.D., internationally renowned expert in right brain development, a former professor at the Department of Education Newport University Japan Campus, Dr. Shichida founded the Institute of Education in 1958. For more than 50 years had dedicated to the research, development and promotion of advocacy and practice of the right brain education, mental development as the core, through a lot of practice on the potential development of infants and young children, established a whole personality of a comprehensive education system for spirit, intelligent, language, motor, social emotion and behavior: Shichida international education.