Sithedick fetal education

Author: (USA) Sithedick, Zhou Songlin selected.

Press: China Women's press

Publication date: 2007-1-1

Version: 2

Page number: 144

Word number: 66000

Printing time: 2007-1-1

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This is by far one of the world's most exciting method for fetal education. A pair of ordinary American couples trained four gifted children: when the eldest daughter was five years old, Then got a sudden rise from kindergarten to high school the first grade, when she was ten, she became the nation's youngest college student, The other three daughters are also excellent. Four children's IQ is above 160, they had been included in the ranks of the high IQ which only accounted for 5%. How were they trained? Clear and detailed “Sithedick fetal education" will tell you the answer.