"My First Prenatal Music Book"

Author: Wismom Known Infant Club

Press: Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House

Published: 2012-5

Pages: 255

Price: 39.80 yuan

Binding: paperback

ISBN: 9787539950167


What is prenatal music? What is the most effective prenatal music? How to make effective prenatal music? What miracle prenatal music will bring... "My First Prenatal Music Book" develops a set of scientific and effective prenatal music programs according to different stages of baby development, and the programs are very easy for family operation, which solve the two questions of "how to do it?" and "what to do?" for parents, and convey the concept that "prenatal music is a life attitude for pregnancy".

About the author

Wismom Known

It is the first professional services of motherhood proposing "management experts for pregnancy life" in China, which is committed to helping every pregnant woman who pursues perfect quality of life and concerns about the health of pregnancy, with calm, smooth, and scientific planning for pregnancy.

It provides scientific and systematic curriculum for pregnancy and childbirth and other related services for nutrition management, weight control and resident doctors.

It has provided high quality professional pregnancy services to nearly 100,000 households, and witnessed the birth of nearly 20,000 " Wismom Known babies".