I Am Pregnant - How To Implement Prenatal Education

Author: GAO Xiuqin

Publisher: New World Press

Revision: 1

The number of pages: 180

The number of words: 150,000

Printing time: July 1, 2011

Paper: coated paper

Packaging: paperback

Each pair of parents hopes that their babies are healthy and clever. In addition to postnatal education and training, prenatal education is also very important for baby's intellectual development. New prospective parents will have many questions on how to implement prenatal education, such as: When should I start prenatal education for my baby? In addition to the well-known music prenatal education, what ways and contents does prenatal education include? What can prospective father do in prenatal education?...

The perfect answers to these questions can be found in the book.

First - authoritative guidance. The book introduces the various prenatal education knowledge that prospective parents need to know in details, providing a full set of detailed prenatal education program for prospective parents.

Second - comprehensive and detailed. The book not only introduces the music, language, touch, movement, mood, nutrition, light and other prenatal education methods, but also provides specific methodological guidance and coaching skills; meanwhile, it gives the answers to prospective parents' questions, which can let prospective parents implement prenatal education anytime and anywhere.

Third - readable. The book has beautiful layout design, warm and natural language style and rich pictures. There is scientific theory knowledge and tips for prenatal education, so that prospective parents can easily read, learn and remember.