Dad Read The Prenatal Education Fairy Tale

Author: [Korea] Jin Liangxuan.

Press: Chinese City Press

Publication date: 2011-9-1

Content recommendation

The book contains 20 fetal education fairy tale story, Dad can read to the baby with kind, trustworthy voice, the stories are full of honest, brave, collaboration, interest related. "Dad read the prenatal education fairy tale" broke the inherent concept which is always mother read the fetal education books to children. Dad read the fairy tales to the baby, Experience the process of fetal education with Mom, will be very positive for emotional communication after the child was born.

Author introduction

Jin Liangxuan: graduated from University history major, served as correspondent over eight years, now specializing in book planning work. He also was the columnist of nursing professional website, his article are welcome and sought by many mothers. It is now a popular Korean nursery program host.